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Welcome to The Gathering Place

Where Friends Become Family

500 N. State Street

Atkinson Illinois 61235

Book the Gathering Place for Your Special Event

Wedding Receptions Prom Graduation Reunions Baby Showers

Bridal Showers Birthday Parties Meetings Christmas New Year

Seats up to 100

Tables and Chairs Provided

Plenty of Parking

$40.00 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours

$350.00 for the day




The Gathering Place idea came from very good friends. They were very gracious to allow us to use the name. The Gathering Place is a place to get together and celebrate whatever moment is happening in your life. After 39 years of being in this building I could not see giving it up. I did not want to leave Atkinson, Illinois with another empty building and I am not ready to retire. I love the catering side of this business and it has been very strong. I have always wanted to have my own venue and this was the perfect opportunity to make my dream come true. So with the help of many good friends and family, plus the help of my best friend we created The Gathering Place. For the past 39 years in this building friends and family have shed tears for many different reasons, happy and sad. So I am hoping The Gathering Place will allow people the opportunity to be able to do the same. Tears of happiness, sometimes tears of joy, but a special  place to be able to do that, The Gathering Place, where friends become family. 

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Rules and Cleaning Requirements


1. Decorations may not be attached with nail, screws, staples, pushpins,  glue or tacks. Commands are recommended

2. No burning candles allowed

3. No glitter, birdseed or confetti is allowed

4. No smoking

5.  No minor drinking will be tolerated

Cleaning Requirements

All cleaning supplies can be found in  kitchen

1. Decoratins: Remove all  decor and all accessories that you have brought in.

2. Tables and Chairs: Wipe all tables and chairs with a  damp cloth

3. Trash: Remove all trash and place full bags outside in the dumpster

4. Floors: All floors must  be vacuumed or mopped

5. Bathrooms: Mop floors and wipe  down surfaces

6. Buffet Table: Wipe down with a damp cloth

7. Please make sure all lights are turned off

8. Please lock all doors